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Jun wrote:
Are all yudansha (for example) good examples?
In our dojo, you can't even apply for even a 3rd kyu test if you're "not a good example". So, it depends very much on your behaviour in the dojo and your degree of respect on the mat.
Jun wrote:
So, what happens at a seminar where people from a lot of difference places gets together when someone watches a person with a hakama as a good example?
First, you watch how does the main :-) "person with a hakama" perform a technique.
BTW, someone said that
...Aikido is a martial art for the intellectuals.
So a good Aikidoka (even a newbie) has to think first - then to watch how does "a person with a hakama" perform a technique...

p.s. ;-) Jun, how I like this quoting function!!!

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