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Re: What Aikido is Not (IMHO)

Gah, i need to read posts here more often!

A very interesting read, Lynn, and just a few things that came up while reading. For me, aikido, and the world as large is a mysterious and magical place. I chose to see things as magical, becuase those resonate within me as person. To an extent, so do i see aikido. But seeing things from "off-the-wall-perspective" doesnt make a person fluffy bunny idiot or disillousioned.

"Aikido is not psychological intervention and treatment. It is not counseling or psychotherapy. Aikido will not fix your mental or emotional problems. In fact, because of the intense interactions, you may become even more aware of them. Aikido is that type of arena. By being aware of your problems, you can consciously face, accept, and resolve them (but not on the mat please)."

I was diagnosed with autism (asperger syndrome) in fourth grade primary school. It has a tendency to mess with my hearing (auditory overload), motorskills and perception. If i could only put into words how much aikido practice has helped in improving those things. Hell, before i started i could barely wear clothes made in certain materials becuase it was actually painful to feel against skin. Now i can get thrown quite a bit and it's enjoyable. Social interaction has, although limited, improved from the pre/post training hanging out in our dojo. A few friendships formed, which is incredible difficult, at least for me.

So, in a positive light, mental issues have been resolved ON the mat

It has only been three months, but aikido is a life changing experience. It's almost frightening to think of what it'll do to me
in 5-10 years. Or even one year.

a most enjoyable reading, thank you!

Erik Jögimar

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