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Re: testing tomorrow

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Congratulations! Tell me how far did they push you in the jiyuwaza?
When I was shite it didn't seem to bad - i went first. As uke I started thinking "enough already, I'm gonna die here" after what i thought was the 43rd throw. But apparently, it only felt like the 43rd throw, it was probably more like 12 throws.

I was pretty smoked after the second set of jiyuwaza, and didn't have too much steam for the 2 on 1. (We do two jiyuwaza each, then one 2-on-1) I tried to do techniques that are too long (perhaps cause i was tired) instead of quick ones. Chida Sensei explains techniques for 2-on-1 in terms of the number of moves it takes before you are ready to face your next uke. One move techniques are: slipping by uke, irimi suki, atemi. Two move: kokyunage, some iriminage. Three move and more: kotegaishi, hijiate, and pretty much anything with a pivot. His theory is you should pretty much do only one and two move techniques unless you have lots of time. I did lots of three move, and so was too rushed.

Vincent Nikopol wrote: View Post
I'm sure there was quite a puddle of sweat! Could you give us your thoughts before and after?
Thoughts before: didn't have too many. I really just wanted to try really hard, do strong clean techniques, and bury uke if the chance was there. (I don't think Warren follows this group...)

Thoughts after: I should have done more work on the weapons components because i was more worried about doing the techniques correctly than I was about doing them really well. That is, I was worried about what I was doing and not what uke was doing - and that's wrong. My next though: it will be a long time before I have to do THIS again. yeah.


Michael Kimeda
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