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I am a big fan of the grappling arts and have been competing in them for years. Striking is not the answer. Strking requires planting your feet for a moment which is exactly what a grappler wants you to do. Even in high school wrestling guys learn how to take people down when kicked or punched. Also everyone talks about BJJ takedowns. I have done BJJ for 2.5 years, also wrestling and Judo,and their takedowns are all taken from wrestling. It is the millions of Judokas and wrestlers out there who have the good takedowns and should be feared. THE ONLY WAY TO AVOIN SINGLE OR DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWNS IS TO LEARN HOW TO WRESTLE. THE ONLY PRACTICAL DEFENSE AGAINST THESE TAKEDOWNS IS TO SPRAWL, WHICH IS LEARNED FROM ACTUAL WRESTLING STYLE SPARING. So go join a wrestling club and learn. It is no coincidence that free style wrestler and greco-roman wrestlers have been the most successful no holds barred competitors. And if you watch the UFC videos striking has neverworked to avoid wrestlers takedowns.
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