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Chris Farnham
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Re: Does anyone know the name of this?

When you say "At this point you are moving your right arm across uke's neck" , is it a cutting motion, or is your arm draped around uke's neck in irimi nage fashion. The opening that you describe sounds a lot like a technique that we do at my dojo where you cut uke down with a tegatana. If you search for "Wake Up " and "Chiba Sensei" on Youtube you will see what I am referring to. I noticed on your dojo's website that one of your Instructors comes from a Saito Sensei lineage. I have read interviews where Chiba Sensei talks about how much he respected Saito sensei, and how he used to love training at Iwama when he was an Uchi Deshi at Hombu, so there could be a technical connection there.
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