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Re: Re: When will i learn this

Originally posted by jimvance

If you haven't guessed that this is all a load of crap, let me tell you now:

It is a load of crap.

Don't let Hollywood tell you what budo is about.

Jim Vance
There could be some truth in this stuff.

I once trained with a 4th kyu who no one could get close to in class. I kid you not. We all tried, with no luck -- the closest we got was maybe within four or five feet, tops. Then we went flying across the dojo without even being touched. We finally figured it out ... get out your note book kids, this is it!

Apparently, he was running late for class and decided to grab a hamburger -- bad move -- it was laced with raw onions! Man, those things don't smell very good second hand! Anyway, his force field worked like a charm! I heard it eventually wore off, but by then he was away from any serious threat of bodily harm.

I'm now a believer.


Remember, all generalizations are false
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