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Re: When will i learn this

Originally posted by Robin Walton
I was watching a show a few weeks ago and it was called the ultimate top 10 martial arts and it said that aikido students can create a force field around them to protect them. I have just started to take aikido lessons 2 days ago and wanted to know when I would learn the force field? Do I have to be a black belt to do it?
Aikido is taught as a set of techniques.
These techniques may give you improved (maybe false but nonetheless) confidence, posture and awareness which may ward off some people who would've decided to attack you otherwise.

I know it works for me. I let them know that I am aware of their intent, and at the same time I don't directly challenge them... sort of like putting a barrier there.

I notice many shodans having a far more powerful and refined version of this, but mine works fine too. As long as its with strangers.

Either way... just stick with it and allow yourself to make your own discoveries.

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