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Originally posted by Edward
If you are serious about aikido and practice every day, tendinitis and other similar stuff are an unavoidable by-product.
I think quite the opposite. Injury is normally a sign of doing something incorrectly, not the end result of "good" training. Injuries do occur, but they should not be worn like badges of honor. I have had several old joint injuries clear up and go away due to the "yogic" nature of aikido.
Originally posted by Edward
...The worst are in my wrists, probably from too much Kotegaeshi and Shihonage.
I would have to say the above is from either pushing back into the force once your joints are locked (masochism) or just having someone apply an abundance of non-specific force repeatedly while you cannot resist (sadism). Either way the principle of aiki is lost and the power struggle begins.

Jim Vance
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