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Shannon Frye
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Re: Problems in a dojo

I agree. It sucks to have to "move on" when you have found a dojo where you are happy with the style, location, pricing, and so forth. And I'm surprised to see so many people simply say "move on" when there may not be anywhere to move on to. But truth is that even 1 (in my case it was more) dkheads can really make the dojo experience an unpleasant one.

We all know this art requires a partner. In my case, childish adult students would hog ukes. (Work in 3's and leave me odd man out - or rotate working with new students to make sure I had no uke). Head instructor saw it all, and did nothing till I got fed up and started name calling. Then "I" was the one banished.

Seriously - as nice as the place may be, if you feel you're getting nowhere with the cho, and things are not going to improve - it's time to say "Sayonara"

(now in a MUCH nicer place)

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I have to admit, I like the *idea* of not quitting...but sometimes the reality is that you cut your losses. Especially if the senior instructor is as "hands off" as the posts make it seem. But my view could be totally skewed...


"In the end there can be only one"
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