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Re: Etiquette and Ego

Hi Pauliina,

I too have seen a vast spectrum of etiquette from the very rigid to practically none.

Living in a military culture as a soldier I am constantly surrounded by these issues. I have to wear my clothes, hair, and refrain from actions or behavior that might be completely appropriate for others. We say sir/m'am, salute, and all that!

However, even within this institution there are varying degrees or extremes. WIthin my beloved Infantry you will find some units that are very strict. Basic training is about a parochial as you can get! While Special Forces tend to hold all this stuff in complete disdain.

Think about it, Special Forces, some of our most highly skilled and disciplined warriors! They where incomplete uniforms, if any at all. They call each other by their first names, have long unruly hair. Never march, never salute or where hats (unless it is a baseball hat!).

Does this make these soldiers any less effective? No.

What it boils down to is this:

Etiqutte is a very wide and subjective area. It is important, but important in different ways to different people. It is cultural and helps shape a dynamic within a group. It is adaptive and the leadership must shape the environment appropriately to use it has a TOOL to help guide and teach the lessons and accomplish the job at hand. It is both external and internal. The best kind of etiquette IMO is the type that internalize and no longer think about having to do! we just do it!

Great article! Thanks!

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