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Re: What Aikido is Not (IMHO)


As usual, you have hit the nail on the head (IMHO). When I started training, I was jealous of the guy who was at the dojo all the time. He practically lived there. He could eat, drink, sleep and breathe aikido. His technique was great and he had a special relationship with the instructors because they knew him well, hell, he was there more than they were.

But I soon realized that living in the dojo is not living in the world. The live-in guy was not brave to practice aikido all the time, he was a coward for not seeing the world and interacting. He had a family in the dojo, because he had no other life.

I don't know how good a samuari I would make with a family and a job. I know that aikido can still be an important part of my life, without being my whole life.

Thanks again. See you on the mat.


Derek Duval
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