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Re: ASU testing requirements

george sama,
i guess it can go both ways. i don't know if i'd go so far as getting rid of requirements. at the very least, its a guideline...students can see what they need to work on at a certain level. they know that the instructor will at test them on that material, minimum. he could ask for more, and they should be ready for that.

on the other hand, the students shouldn't look at a list and start cramming for the exam like in school. these are techniques that we're going to be doing for a lifetime. not just for the next 6 months/60 hours.

not long ago, we had a sandan test and the techniques called were the same from a 5th kyu exam. the point was to show just that. we don't just learn a technique for the sake of the exam, and forget about it after the exam. BUT someone at the level of sandan doing ikkyo should also not look like gokyu doing ikkyo. hopefully in the time between those ranks, the student is practicing and refining that movement.

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I guarantee that if the dojo standards are high, no one is in a hurry to test.
i agree. if the standards of the dojo are high, that weeds out those who are in a hurry to try to fly through the ranks, and those that stay will put their time into seriously learning the art.

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...I liked the old days when it was just Sensei looking at you and deciding when you were ready...
yes. our shihan are not getting any younger. and we've already lost some of them. so its up to their students to uphold their standards
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