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Re: Poll: How comfortable are you in taking falls from aikido koshinage?

IMHO: Koshinage is probably the easiest throw to take breakfalls from if tori/nage knows how to actually throw (at least from 2 of 3 basic koshinage variations, the shihonage entry is a little more scary. The problem that I found with beginners is that they dont realize in what direction they should try to orient themselves so they become stiff and get spiked straight on their head if thrown. But that is easily fixed by doing slow throws where you actually guide them physically through the ukemi. Or even do some slow judo style koshinage first where you can secure their landing and then proceed to regular koshinage. The beginners that I have done this with have no problem taking ukemi from nice controlled koshinage within their first semester of aikido.

Another major problem with koshinage is that since the ukemi can feel a little bit awkward many people dont really practice the throw all the way through, stopping the throw after they have loaded uke up on the koshi. I have yet to find a good reason for that practice, it seems to me that it builds more bad habits (especially the habit of focusing on the loading of uke rather than letting uke fall over the koshi).

Of course, if you are allowed to do koshinage with your feet together as in judo (as opposed to hanmi) then the ukemi should be even easier.
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