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Re: Poll: How comfortable are you in taking falls from aikido koshinage?

I could fall from a correct koshinage all day. Now depending on the orientation of the throw, (some) nage's tendency to hold onto uke's arm can render two effects. The better effect is that uke can execute a breakfall, but finds themself partially suspended by nage still holding their arm. The worse effect is that uke cannot execute a breakfall because, yep, nage is still holding their arm.

Plenty of times in plenty of dojos I've thudded into the mat with my arm that should have made first contact still firmly in the hands of nage. My guess is that because koshinage is not as familiar for many of us as some other techniques, if we successfully mount uke for the throw it is at the expense of awareness of uke's predicament. Or, fearing for uke, we hold onto them as they go down to soften the fall, hehe, unintentionally hardening it. just an idea....


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