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Bruce Baker
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humor for tree's

We go from talking about absorbing the natural energy of nature to HUMOR, and I am not sure who has the head of wood?

Well Pinochio, my little woodpecker's snack ...

Maybe it is time to ring the bell and let the class go home?


Tree humor aside ...

Aren't we talking about the same natural energy from nature that O'Sensei encouraged all of his students to embrace by the observing the substance of his simple life, farming?

You know, I was thinking about the simplicity for the Ki/chi question I had posed for ball of Ki energy, and one story was moved to the simple explanation of moving a salt shaker on a table by picking it up and telling the reporter this was an example of Ki energy.

Now, if we translate that into the simple terms of all living things have movement because of life, then we observe the symbiotic links of our existence with other forms of life, it might not be so far fetched that we must share some form of life energy with trees or plants or life on planet earth?

We are elements of planet earth. We absorb nutrients, and have habitats that respond favorably to plants and other forms of life we call food, plants, or animals? We live withing the same environmental conditions for these plants?

The hair on the back of your neck stands up even though you can't see danger, why? Some chemical trigger, or is it energy, a kind of radar?

We can make tree humor, or we can try to find out beneficial ways to extend our lives, and make our lives better? Sometimes all the practice in the world isn't worth spit if you don't know where you are going or what question you are asking?



Aikido was some foreign devil Japanese fighting art that didn't hold a candle to boxing in the 1950s, but today we know it is something different?

Don't get me wrong, there were some clever tree humor jokes in the posts, but isn't there another post area for humor?

So, if you could help me out here with your experiences with this particular subject ... that would be great.

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