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Re: We're not sure what to call him

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I agree...why does he need a title?

It's for the contact page on the web site--so people who don't know that they need to contact some guy named Tom can contact him nonetheless.

I kind of like "Kyucho" but it's no more helpful than just using "Tom". If you know what it means you're most likely not a kyu anymore. Which leads me back to something like "Dean of Junior Students". Or perhaps, "Kyucho / head of the junior-ranked students".

To put the problem more fully, I have four people listed on the contact page:
  • One of two chief instructors;
  • The treasurer who also keeps the mailing list up to date;
  • The Tom;
  • and Your humble web master.
Currently they are listed as:
  • n n Sensei;
  • n n Treasurer & Registrar;
  • n n Kyu master;
  • n n Web kohai.
As you can see, the situation is quite a mess.
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