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Re: Irimi/too slow problem

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We were working on Shomen Uchi Irimi Nage this morning. When I stepped in deep and blocked I found (especially on one side, less so on the other), uke was able to turn into me and I lost Irimi since uke was now facing me.

Sensei had told me to step in deeper and showed that my hips had to be turned more toward uke before he turns toward me. That way when he turns, he walks right into the technique. I was bringing ukes head to my shoulder (except when he was already facing me when I missed it), so that wasn't the problem. On the initial step in, I face the opposite direction of uke, then turn my hips so I'm perpendicular to uke.

I'm slower than average; at 6'1" and 210 lbs probably is the main problem. Does anybody who isn't very fast have some pointers as to what they do if its a problem?

I hesitate to bring this up, but ... Segal Sensei doesn't seem to have to move much or fast during his techinques. Yeah, in the movies, since I haven't had the pleasure to train with him. Also, it looks like uke is moving much faster than O'Sensei during his techniques in videos I've seen. Now I'm sure O'Sensei's technique is just at high enough level that speed isn't important (I read a column about this months ago) -- I think I just answered my own question, but I don't know that Segal's would be beyond physical technique.
Shomen uchi irimi nage... lets work on the irimi version (kihon/kata version).

1) Shite/tori and uke both start out with migi (right) kamae.

2) Uke comes in to strike your head with his shoto (knife hand strike).

3) Tori's left hand should cut down uke's incoming right hand strike and simultaneously the body should move in shumatsu-dosa ichi movement . NB: pay attention to this initial cut down, because this first movement must effect kuzushi (off-balance) upon uke. To enable good powerful cut down without making tori's hand painful: Whenever doing ushiro ukemi, slap the mat hard to toughen forearm, also do many ken/jo suburi to develop power cutting.

4) When uke is off balance (NB: uke's balance should be towards the back and fully loaded on right legs), keep tori's left forearm on top of uke's right forearm to prevent uke's countering.

5) Place tori's right palm on uke's left jaw line. Keep forearm extended and firm, complete the shumatsu-dosa ichi movement. For best effect, slide 45 degrees at NE direction instead of just going forward directly. (I know that in shumatsu-dosa ichi movement, you are taught to move forward, I prefer this slight variation for better effect)

6) As for uke, his balance should be broken towards the back and loaded on right leags, but you throw him/her diagonally towards left direction. This way, you prevent uke from countering.

7) Uke's ukemi is hidari (left sided) yoko (side) ukemi.



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