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Angela Dunn
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Re: Problems in a dojo

So you have a individual there who is refusing to stop putting pins on even though people are tapping out, and this guy is also an instructor! your being excluded from dojo life and you have a person who is supposed to be in charge that is not taking charge, at least with regards to the adult classes.

I am sorry to say this but that sounds like a pretty dangerous situation to be in and someone is going to get seriously injured one day. The first thing I got taught is if someones tapping out then you stop no matter what rank you or they are.

You say your reluctant to leave because you have friends there. Thats great as the social side is important, but if your serious about progressing in your own learning, If I was you I would be looking elsewhere. Seriously as at least some of the people in your dojo do not seem to care about helping people progress to the best of their ability. thats not the type of situation, well I get the impression its not, where your getting the best out of training and its seems like you have done all you can to resolve the situation with the bully in question.
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