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Re: Irimi/too slow problem

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I hesitate to bring this up, but ... Segal Sensei doesn't seem to have to move much or fast during his techinques.

I am sure you may find what the others have said about movement and timing interesting. It sure gives you a lot to do so to speak. In any case, some food for thought is that you should be able to do this same technique while moving backwards upwards of three feet.

Eric Saemann wrote: View Post
...I think I just answered my own question, but I don't know that Segal's would be beyond physical technique.
Unless you plan on knocking an opponent down with your mind there is only physical technique to worry about. When you can knock them down with your mind, unless you are in the movies there will still be the physical component of that action to master.

I have heard it said that the path to mastery begins with a complete understanding of the simplest, most basic movements. I for one believe that is a great place to focus.


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