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Re: Irimi/too slow problem

I am far from an expert at this or any technique but at our dojo we practice slowly as it shows the flaws in our techique. We do speed up but if we do not do it right and keep kuzushi our uke can regain their balance and poof your done. But if done right they have no way to recover.The best part is we mess up all the time and we do learn alot from it and then as we speed up/slow down we can really see the differences in our form and techniques. I believe matching your uke's speed is critical but if you happen to miss a technique wouldn't it be better to move to another technique that falls into place if your sensei allows that in your practice?

We was doing this tonight and there were times that we hardly touched out uke and they was already falling. The members that was there tonight were commited and do not just take a fall which I think makes it more effective to learn with after all it's really hard to work with someone that is really submissive.

Oh yeah I am 5'11" and 270lbs and even though I am not the quickest I am pretty quick for my size but I dont think that comes into play very much in the dojo... in a fight out in a public area it might but hopefully that isn't needed.

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