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Re: Problems in a dojo

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Actually this situation with this guy that's harrasing me has been going on for about 2 years, but this situation about others excludimg me from major dojo activities (demonstrations etc.) lasts longer... ever since I joined the dojo about 8 years ago...

At the beginning I really thought that they never let me be in the demo team becasue my bad technique (im a bit clumsy) do I did my best to improve it (even risking some injuries), but later, after a few years, I noticed that every people of my rank had been in the demo team on several occassions, and sometimes they even let some beginners with a few months of experience and seroius coordination problems to demonstrate techniques.

They also never let me assist the instructor or lead the beginner classes myself when instructor is absent (I hold the rank of 1st kyu). Of course once I had to lead the entire class because no on else of higher rank was present, and although many people that were in class later said it was OK and they liked it, I had to listen the usual "You' re not yet ready" story from dojo cho and other senior instructors.

Many other students that had bad experiences with that guy always find excuse for him(!). For example, one guy told me that he applied some very painful techniques on him (even after he was tapping), but his conclusion was "Oh, but he has a very godd techniqe". IMO This guy maybe has a good technique, but on the other hand he's a really lousy teacher with very bad attitude and lack of respect towards the rest of the people in the dojo; always with a smile with people who outrank him or his good friends, but often harrasing people of lower ranks in a way I already described.

I've tried that several times, but every time it was unsucessfull. Every time I tried to talk to that guy he always had something more something important to do, he would just ignore me, or sometimes even insult me.

I think that's just what I'll do if I decide to leave the dojo.... (you must understand that I'm having second thoughts about about leaving the dojo because I have some good friends there)...
Just go. He doesn't like you and he won't care about your reason for leaving. Just wherever you go, be great and do great and that will take care of the past.
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