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Angela Dunn
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Re: Problems in a dojo

If this situation has been dragging on for two years, (which I get the impression from your posts it has) then your really in a bad place. Has any other students have a problem with him and if so can you not band together to have polite word with your dojo cho (I am assuming you mean Sensei their) and explaining that this student is a problem and is creating a bad atmosphere in the dojo.

By the sounds of it though maybe your Cho needs a lesson in people skills himself! If he knows that students are having a problem and it is not getting resolved thats the point he surely should be stepping in and giving a demonstartion in co-operation. After all isn't that at least part of what Aikido is about?

If I was you I would try again with the other student. Take him out for a drink, or even whilst your training and try and talk it out. If that does not work, and you feel like you are being excluded from things that others of your rank are doing I would be heading to a dojo elsewhere and tell the Cho exactly why you are going. He may not like it but if he wants to progress his dojo and improve then he should take it on board.

As an aside I was wondering what sort of dojo you are attending when you mentioned about not knowing about certain dojo etiquate. If you and others did not know then something is not right there IMHO!
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