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Re: Problems in a dojo

I heard that every instructor has something special he can teach his students,
No i don't agree, they may have a preference or be good in one particular area but I don't think they would keep something special just for students

and following only one teaching would be some sort of a limitation... wouldn't it?
It would be like eating exactly the same food week in, week out. As they say variety is the spice of life.

Maybe I put it a bit wrong in my previous post about that girl. She was former karate student (black belt) and she was the one that was a bit arrogant; Every time when someone tried to explain her some technique she was always reacting in a "leave me alone I already know this" manner... and at the end every class she would intentionally get in a way and disturb us while we were folding our hakamas (for example she would intentionally step on it or pull those cords used to tie hakama and disturb our work), and when we asked her not to do it she wouldn't listen, or even threaten us with her karate skill.
Very bizarre !

Happy Training
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