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Re: Irimi/too slow problem

I had a lot of problems (and of course still have quite a few LOL) with this technique because I could never step behind Uke. Like your Sensei, mine told me to step deeper and I found myself not capable to do it.
One day I was practicing alone with Senpai and he stopped me. He told me not to touch his shomenuchi at all, just bring up my arm like in a shomenuchi. My arm had to be there as a defense in case Uke turns to hit me, but he wanted me to completely ignore his strike.
Miracle, I could step in deep enough and when I turned my body was exactly behind Uke. Senpai explained me that he noticed that when I was going to get a connection with his shomenuchi I would stop my body from moving, while when I ignored his arm I was just paying attention to the irimi part and do it correctly.

P.S. Haven't figured out yet how to put the two parts of the puzzle together hee hee.
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