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The list of potential problem medications probably could be endless...but I would hesitate to make a list as there are always folks who might think if theirmedication isn't on it it has to be OK, and there are always exceptions, new drugs, etc.... safest thing, if you take any medication routinely, or start any new medication, check with the provider who prescribes it, or your pharmacist. I would include OTC (over the counter) and herbal meds in this rule. It is well worth the few extra minutes to be sure your medications and Aikido mix.

As for glucosamine or chodroitin, I've not seen anything in the way of good controlled studies, most are from small groups or anecdotal reports. But I've had patients who've done well, and if a patient is interested I'll make sure what they are getting from the health store is OK with what I'm prescribing. I guess I'm in the if-it-won't-hurt-it-might-help and is worth a try corner.
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