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andrew wrote:
"You can't tell if someone is doing it properly enough for you to model after unless they're wearing a hakama?

-- Jun"

Yeah, tell that to a beginner. That'll work. "Can't you tell who's doing it right??"
That's actually a really interesting question. Can beginners tell who is doing good aikido or not? Any beginners out there wish to comment?
Perhaps all students, regardless of rank, display exactly the same level of technical accuracy in your dojo Jun, but I don't think so.
Can't say I said that...
There's bad example on the mats too.

You're absolutely right. The same applies even if, say, only yudansha wore a hakama though, wouldn't you say?
I doubt very much whether Victro relies on what somebodys wearing to judge their ability, and I know I don't, but I know a lot of people out there can't tell the difference.
Are all yudansha (for example) good examples?
That is why in many places some degree of proficiency is required befrore wearing the hakama. Your bizarre assertion that you know hakama wearers who can't even roll is a bit of a spurious argument, given that we all know some places allow everyone to wear hakama.

So, what happens at a seminar where people from a lot of difference places gets together when someone watches a person with a hakama as a good example?
Neither can it be argued that the hakama might become an ego-trip if only certain grades wore it.
I can't say I've ever argued that.
Egotism in aikido is down to the student and how their Sensei teaches them, nothing else.
I agree.

Thanks for making me think....

-- Jun

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