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Amir Krause
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Re: Did I create a new counter?

Shany Golan wrote: View Post
mmm hehehe i'll try my best stick man animation hopefully that will help to understand it better

Wow, Barvo for the graphics - simly great.

Well, it is sort of like I imagined in my last post. And so I can only repeat my comments:

For me, it does seem new, or rather, of the type of things I would not bother remembering afterwards (If I ever did something like that during Randori). Simply because Uke response in this case seems extremely limited and impractical to me:
a) I did not get from your description any Kuzushi from Uke, nor any attempt to blend, nor move out of the line of the attack? He blocked your hand once -- you can simply strike him again (A knife opens more options).
b) Uke let you remain in control of the hand? No wrist manipulation to turn the tables?
c) I would not try to Irimi-Nage a stable person going inwards, with a hand he has control over. If he is only as strong as me, I would be unlikely to succeed.

Each of these steps would have made your response much more difficult.

In any case, Kudus and compliments for responding in time, and intuitively, to Uke failure. That is not a simple step to go over (you did not write how long you have been training).
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