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Re: significance to testing/belt rank?

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That statement would seem to indicate he has no rank. Especially the first sentence.
Oops, didn't see this before my last posts. I should remember not to automatically go to the last page.

Nevermind then. It speaks volumes.
There is one person in my dojo that has been practising for about 4 years with us. He does not hold any rank, because he is not interested in them. If he would be asked to take a 6th kuy exam, he could not tell what name goes with what technique.
But I can tell you this about him, all the things I know about aiki (the aiki as I believe Mike Sigman and some others are talking about, certainly not at the same level, but you need to start somewhere), I learned from him. And he is getting it from outside of aikido.

Just to tell you, never judge a man by his rank, but by what he can do.