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Re: Problems in a dojo

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I'm just curious but not knowing the dojo etiquette at that time tells me that you are new to the dojo and possibly to the art. If this is true, are you the only one available to take ukemi for these two 1st Kyu testers? It seems unfair to have someone new to take ukemi for an advanced student.
Actually, I hold the rank of 1st kyu.

The thing is that for some reason dojo etiquette in our dojo is almost non existent (we just know when to bow, but we don't line up according to rank, people walk on and off the mat as they like etc.), and no one has ever told me about that rule I broke (Even other people of my rank told me they didn't know it was wrong, but obviously this guy that's harassing me found it to be a good reason to harass me....)

One other thing regarding this dojo is that a lot of people that hold my rank, an even some lower ranks, are sometimes allowed to assists the instructors (and our dojo cho) when there's many people in class, and even sometimes to lead the beginners class if/when instructors are absent.... But they never let me assist, or lead the class. ( I mean if i don't deserve the rank I currently have, why did they let me take the grading exams in the first place?)

A few times I visited other Aikido clubs in my area (different styles). Later, when my dojo cho heard about that, he told me it was bad thing to do, that ill get egotistic, and asked me if I think that I'm better than the rest of the people in dojo, etc.

So much for now...


PS. English is not my native language...
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