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Re: significance to testing/belt rank?

Giancarlo DiPierro wrote: View Post
If I were upset about not having rank, then by all means I would have taken steps to get it. If anything, I've tended more towards to the opposite, though I never tried to specifically avoid rank either. And where did I say that it was easy to obtain? The typical requirements are that you spend a lot of time training in one organization to meet the practice days requirement, although I suppose that having my own dojo I might have been able to join a group in exchange for a quick promotion. Not really interested in doing that, though. I don't care about having the rank and I'm not willing to make the kind of compromises that a group would require in return for an arrangement like that.

It's actually a lot more complicated than that. I don't care about having rank myself. However, I do care about aikido and even people in aikido
That statement would seem to indicate he has no rank. Especially the first sentence.