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Re: Did I create a new counter?

"Just because you have never seen it or never heard of it, doesn't mean it did not already exist."

true, as i stated in my post, (i don't know if it exists). but i rather share it, its what makes us continue develop ourselfs,and others.

Lynn Seiser,
hehe yeah could be! you never know. but i like the way it comes out of the bloom

hmm, if me and you were to stand infront of each other,in gyaku hanmi position.
1. your right foot is infront, and my left foot is infront
2. your right hand 'waits' for the attaker
3. i grasp your right hand with my left hand
4. i attack your stomech with my right hand (punch/knife)
5. you block with your left hand (throwing my punch inward) - from your point of view, that would be to the right
6. you are going into irimi-nage
7. with my hand that you just blocked me, i blow and attack into your ribs
8.with my left hand (that is grasping your right wrist), i move it down into sankyo position
9. move my right hand into the sankyo grip and perform sankyo.

Nothing special in the end, its good to make kaeshi waza on the fly.
and better to share (even if its already exists!)
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