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We're not sure what to call him

Our chief instructors have delegated the care and feeding of the kyus, in terms of arranging and coordinating the testing and such. We're wondering what to call the guy. I'm the web master for the dojo and I've had him listed as "Kyu Master". I was never really happy with the mixing of the two languages, but then I listed myself as "Web kohai" so I suppose I got over it some.

The guy, Tom, is unhappy with the "Master" part. I can see his point but we do have "Masters of Equity", "Choir Masters" and such. He's thinking something along the line of "supervisor" to follow the corporate model. I'm thinking that anything business like is an affront to the samurai traditions. Perhaps we should follow the Academic world and call him "Dean of Junior Students".

And I'm certain that if I ask either of our chief instructors I will be reduced in rank for wasting everybody's time with such trivial matters.

Any thoughts?


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