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Amir Krause
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Re: Poll: Which way of ukemi do you employ for you to learn aikido more effectively?

None of the above.

With some beginner students, I would actually correct their techiques so they will throw me with better movements then they have done alone (at least, this is my goal).

With advanced students slightly less then me, I will adhere to the purpose of the teacher as I understand it. This may mean:
- resisting with force to make them react with better body mechanics,
- or following their evasion moves with my attack if I can, to improve their timing
- or showing them any opening I can find in their techniques (and if repeated - reverse the technique if I can).
- or just showing them the exact direction their force is moving me (you may call this "recieveing only" but it often shows mistakes).
All in accordance with the teachers intention for the specific practice and\or the request of the person I am practicing with.

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