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Re: Aiki Doh's

When I drive to class, I have my boken and jo on the back seat of my Chevy HHR because that has enough room for them, and the gi in a large backpack in the "trunk." When I go to Cornell, so security doesn't think I'm bringining in a rifle, I have the weapons in the long pocket of my Kali weapons bag. It's awkward to lug on my shoulder because of where the center of gravity ends up, but it works.

Thursday night, when I got to the parking garage, after parking, I got the weapons out of the back seat, walked around the back, opened the lift gate, got out my backpack, slung it on, and reached up to pull the gate closed. Thankfully, I did not do so very hard, because I did not realize that (A) the weapons bag was balanced on my toes; and (B) the top of my jo was lined up with the edge of the liftgate. But I found out when I brought the gate down and it bumped the jo, driving it down onto my shoe.


Fortunately, the pain was minimal, and neither I nor my weapons were damaged. But it counts as an Aiki-D'Oh.
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