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Re: An exercise that illustrates internal power

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Well, you don't do all that work with the abdomen. BTW, this stuff is common in legitimate Yiquan, too.


Mike Sigman
Do you know of any "legitimate" Yiquan schools in Orange County, CA?
Short of that, do you know of any good instruction in Orange County for learning Internal Power?

I bought your dvds from Plum flower, and finally understood how to generate real power from Pi Chen. I am a beginner in Xing yi and have been totally frustrated in not being able to figure out how to generate some of its legendary power.

It finally clicked that the opening fist in Pi Chen is a hinge movement, generated from a body drop...very much like Bruce Lee's One Inch Punch. I could never understand how a drop could result in outward force, but thanks to your explanation, I feel I have finally been given the keys to understand the hidden power within the Internal Arts!

HOWEVER...if there was a nearby instructor that really understands it, it can save me years of struggling to figure it all out. So, thanks ahead of time if you can steer me in the right direction!
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