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Bruce Baker
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popping joints

Somewhere back around thirty, almost twenty years ago now, my snap, crackle, pop began to get noticalby loud.

Continuous stretching and movement helped to keep the dreaded Arthritus away, but no amount of rest and diet seemed to help to totally quiet the noises.

When I was Diagnosed for Meniere's a Water pill, Dyazide was recommended. As the months passed, Back Pain, knee popping, and joint noises quieted as time went until within two years ... no noises, no pain ... at least from popping joints.

Check with your doctor about diet, and water pill to help with your build up of water in your body?

My water pill is supposed to keep the water level in my inner ear from building into pressure, imbalance, and pain ... who would have thought it would relieve popping noise or joint pain too?

You could use popping noises as a distraction for your training partner, but I think you would be happier to make the pain go away too?
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