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Re: *Tentative* dates for Akuzawa (Aunkai) in Seattle, WA 11/3-11/4

Robert John wrote: View Post
You are correct in that pointing the arms in the directions you described separates the inside and outside lines of the body. The feelings your describe sound similar to what should be felt. (I'll inject a caution in that I'd still have to have a feel, since a lot of things can sound similar, but ultimately only hands on time together will determine whether we have stuff in common

Thanks for the confirmation! I'm not saying "we" have anything in common: I was exploring what's on your website. So I was looking for what "you" do.

I think I've seen some pictures of Ueshiba doing things with the fingers pointed in, so for years, I have done things (extending simultaneously upward and downward) with the fingers pointing in toward each other.

Recently, while exploring the tenchijin movement with the fingers pointing outward, I tried turning the hands the other way and really felt a strong difference: pointing the fingers inward felt like the "force" was coming down the outside of the arms and down the sides of my ribs. Turning them the outward felt almost like making a "funnel" that guided "the force" (gravity? tension?) down to the insides of my deltoid muscles and down through two parallel paths into the body. I thought, there must be some significance to that, but until someone earlier described Ark's saying something about "inside lines" and "outside lines" I didn't realize there was a specific function of that. So that's a kick. Thanks.

Robert John wrote: View Post
After a while how you augment or train the lines within the body is up to each individual.

Good post!
Thanks! Can you comment more about that? I felt that the "force" was coming down into the body, but I'm guessing that feeling the connection all the way down to the ground must be major...

Robert John wrote: View Post
We should be landing in the East Coast sometime soon (read: in less than a year), hopefully you'll be able to make one of the seminars and we can compare notes
I will prioritize it. I couldn't get up to see Dan this autumn (we had a very general time frame) and haven't been able to schedule anything more specific yet, but I am very interested in your approach and will work very hard to make it.

Again, thanks.


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