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Thanks for the response, guys. I didn't really expect so many people (um, that is, everyone ) to tell me to go to a doctor; I never think that anything merits a doctor's visit (an outlook that I should probably remedy if I want to live to see twenty . How quickly one gets old, neh?) I will definitely see someone about it. Just a bit more information, in case my first post made it sound worse than it is: I have full range of motion (actually, probably more than many others, because of my freakish flexibility), and though I can feel the cracking/popping/grinding in my shoulders even when I move my arms slowly and smoothly, the only time it hurts is when I make quick, choppy movements. And even then it isn't really painful, just enough for me to fret a little. Anyway, I will see a doctor about it.

As for resting . . . well, I don't really have a choice about that right now, since I'm forced into another aiki-hiatus by the college where my dojo is located. (Grr! ) So I probably won't be doing much of anything for the next couple of weeks. Sigh . . .

Thanks for the advice so far. If anyone else has a comment, I'd love to hear it.


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