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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

Loh On Nin wrote: View Post
you are luckier than I am, I got kicked out of the dojo cos I fell in the wrong direction ( maybe 20 degrees off) after nage tried the second time.
The chief instructor went ballistic and would not even listen to my explaination.
Quite a few "my way or the highway" instructors around.
You just do not understand....

Your direction of the fall must be at exactly North 35.56 degrees East at exactly 12.06.45 pm in order to align with the Earth Meridian and Chi. No wonder your sensei chased you out of the dojo.. You did not conform to Feng Shui principles.

For foreign friends who did not get it... the above post was Boon's poor attempt at injecting HUMOUR. I' ll go some push up or something.


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