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Re: Poll: Which is more important in your aikido training: "aiki" or "ki"?

To me, this is like this question:

"What do you prefer, eggs or scrambled eggs?"

Where eggs (KI) is the subject, and "scrambling" (AIKI) is what is being done with the subject.

To get "Scrambled eggs" (AIKIDO) you need both (equal importance), eggs (KI), and someone (DO) to scramble (AIKI). Lacking either one, the outcome isn't "Scrambled eggs". Not a bad thing, just a different thing. I suppose that one could ask whether I like to experience an egg in it's natural state (as a potential animal), or as a food (martial art), which is a much broader question, and has more to do with how I personally view the proper use of a potential resource. For the sake of this discussion, however, I assume that KI is being referred to as in martial application.

That being said, and it being morning, I'll take some Aikido with salt, pepper, hot sauce and a side of bacon...

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