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Re: Popping Joints?

Originally posted by Arianah
Hello all
I have a problem with popping/grinding joints. Especially when I'm doing bokken cuts, and even when striking or punching, I find that my elbows and shoulders will grind, and it is quite painful. I have seen many posts concerning popping joints, and often the assertion is that this will go away given time. Over what period of time do you think this would be, and is there anything that I can do to speed up the process? I stretch my shoulders (which are the biggest problem of the two joints) daily, and lift weights to strengthen them, but this hasn't helped. Any advice would be appreciated . . .
I just went to the doctor over this. I was getting a painful popping sound in my shoulder which was related to an injury received some time ago. The doctor basically gave me some VIOXX, said go ahead and do what you are doing and see me in a few weeks. She said it was an inflamed tendon. I got the feeling that she felt it wasn't a big deal but it hurt and it didn't get better on it's own. I've redesigned a bit of my workout but otherwise am proceeding pretty much as normal. I will say that stretching and weights didn't help but the VIOXX (an anti-inflamatory) has helped. What happens when it runs out remains to be seen.

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