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Re: Why is Easy So Hard to Learn?

Thank you for the article. Reminds me of the story of the student who asked his instructor how long it would take him to master Tai Chi. Reply - 10 years. Student frustrated asked what if I try/work really hard. Reply - In that case 20 years. My comment - 10 years to overcome that thinking, then 10 years to master.

Will, regarding your comment.
"My ego wants to convince me that I am (terminally) Unique, that i'm different from everyone else. As long as I insist on maintaining this warped, isolationist view of individuality, how can I ever hope to effectively blend with someone else's energy?"

I've found in the area that I live, in the general public, if you are relaxed that you are unique. Unless among like minded folks.

I'm in the dangerous trap that says "I am better than those not at least studying the way". I believe some taoist (students and adepts) share this trait. But I also believe at times that I am nothing, and therefore, have no ego. Very Yin/Yang - confusing, but most of the time it doesn't bother me; except when I sit and think or write about it
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