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The Thief:
When done moderately this helps the beginners very much. The sensei doesn't have eyes everywhere. If he doesn't like what the "advanced student" is doing he will stop it. The "green belt" doesn't steal anything. He gives new knowledge to the "white belt", he gives senseis attention to others, he gives very valuable knowledge to himself. Who wants to teach (even if he knows a little) has to think things through.

The Imposter:
A confrimation is sometimes the best thing you can get. If the asker had a little doubt, now has he none. Everyone should be allowed to question the ways of the teacher. That makes the teachers better. That makes the askers more sure - especially when the teacher comes out of the question with dignity (which he/she should).
The practioners who change - you should be able to do things you want to. Especially if the sensei doesn't stop you. And talking for us is a very effective way to learn.

The Victim:
What can I say... one must practice in harmony. I think those uke and tori did that. After mastering the "none-reality" you can start mastering the reality.

The Charlatan:
Well this the only case where the problem really exists. Definitely he hasn't understand that being uke is as important as being tori.

So who is this student?:
I really must say I think this article was quite uhm... bad... wanting to win our ego? Wanting to "not to be" those students? Well THIS is the case of feeding "the inner beast" (how pathetic) not those mentioned in the article. We must accept our egos and live with them not combat them - that would be as
none-Aiki as possible. Be what You are and fit into the concept of Aikido. When desperately looking for a change, a way to get better, we probably will never get there.

We musn't BATLLE ourselves that's self destructive in any way. "In the forest of spears, surrounded, You must realize that these very speartips are Your very shield" (Morihei Ueshiba). Our ego is the speartips. Our ego is our shield.

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P.S. I hope someone reads my post I think I did a great job! (Ego at work )
P.P.S. Jun, Is ANYONE with a seemingly-reasonable bunch of words able to post an article? If yes, then how?
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