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Re: Ki and Remaining Grounded

Ted Ehara wrote: View Post
What happens if you're sick, injured or just plain old and can't rely on your strength alone to overcome an opponent? Is dying your back-up plan?
Ted my man, you are being highly speculative and hyperbolic. If it so happen if I am sick I just don't fight. Or is it you meant T3H R34L LIFE (TM) self defense. If I am old or just infirmed, it will be unlikely I will on the street shouting to my "theoretical opponent", " Come on mate, this grandpa is gonna show you whose ur daddy!"

Now to give you a hyperbolic answer: Should such scenario ever occur to me, you will bet I would have considered:
a) egressing from the confrontation, failing which...
b) I will ask for help, assuming none are available, then...
c) use tools to equalize the confrontation, if I so happen to be in a barren desert with no appropriate tools... then
d) I will give a fight for my opponent to remember me by...

The Yoshinkan I've seen is about timing, balance, ki extension and doing movements in a correct manner. Maybe that's just my perspective.
The Yoshinkan that I practice also stress on the factors I highlighted. But we speak very little about ki stuff. Maybe that was just your perspective.



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