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Re: *Tentative* dates for Akuzawa (Aunkai) in Seattle, WA 11/3-11/4

I don't really have time and shouldn't be posting, but...
What everyone else said and thank you to all especially Arkazawa sensei and Rob san.

One thing I really appreciate that hasn't been mentioned is that Arkazawa sensei brings a wide perspective of experience. He has had a lot of access in a bunch of different places and to a bunch of different sensei. That brings a dimension to the things he is talking about. I felt that as he enumerated various principles in his own way, I could make connections to what I have been taught and also have a feeling that those ideas were also held by various teachers and dojo whom Arkazawa respects. When you are struggling away, knowing you have company like that can be very comforting and inspiring.

Again great to see everyone.

-Doug Walker
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