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Couple of short notices, I'll make a longer post later.

1. I didn't want to say that things as pressure points, reiki, ki in general was magic. I wanted to point out that many of those "westeners" who are so eager to learn those want to BE magicians and LEARN magical things.

2. Saito is still the head of Iwama isn't he? Anyhow that doesn't matter. If you would know the current state of Aikido in Estonia you would laugh over such question as "what kind of style of Aikido you train?"

3. Creating a ball of heat with hands - at least thinking on this metaphore, no, not possible.

4. Positive and negative energy? What KIND of energy is it?

5. Chi has parameters of science. Good. Then let's keep this concept in these parameters. Physiology, timing, reaction, psychology, physics etc - they cover this concept from various aspects. Yet there's no proof for the mystical ENERGY. (Of course as I said we didn't know electricity was there or magnetic fields couple of hundreds of years ago.)

6. I don't consider myself a chi-sceptic, nor very narrow minded:P (who would) Another thing what I wanted to point out is that these kinds of ideas turn Aikido into some sort of fairy tale in eyes of ppl who know nothing about it and who are yet beginners/haven't thought on these things. Back to wanting to BE magicians.

7. Just a nice explanation one of my fellow sempai gave about the universe and doing techniques: Consider the size of the Universe. Now consider the size of yourself and the length and effort of the movement you have to do to sucessfully make the throw. Ridiculously small and easy that is.

So is our discussion... but who cares... let's continue.

Estonian Whateverthatstyleis
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P.S. - Anger - not exactly but why anyway? Of course because someone rocks my cozy point of view that's why
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