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Re: Focus energy into ...

Originally posted by Bruce Baker

NOT unlike the magic of Static electricity to stick a baloon on the ceiling, some people did get enough energy going to create a very warm feeling between their hands. What was very neat was .... the teacher, couple of students (including myself because of some experience with this in the 1970s) were able to take this energy out from between the hands so there was almost no warmth, then put it back?
What do you mean by "take this energy out from between the hands ... then put it back"? Did you make a visible object that you placed on the mat -- or maybe suspended in mid air -- in front of you? Was this energy something that the others could see? A ball of light? Flames? A 9 volt battery? What? Or are you saying that your hands were warm, then cold, then warm again? Perhaps you could post a picture.

Steve Hoffman
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