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Originally posted by Chuck Clark
I was promoted to shodan in 1964 in judo, karatedo, and jujutsu. I was "full of myself" of course and thought I had the sort of things you mentioned above, Benny.

Now days, I see promotion as representative of the responsibilities that go with it. The other qualities should be there of course.
Yes, indeed! Upon first being promoted to shodan, one may feel a great sense of acomplishment or think, "Damn, I'm good." But sooner or later it begins to sink in that you are actually expected to live up to the rank. People expect you to know the answers to technical, historical, linguistic, organizational, and philosophical questions. One's thinking then may become, "Gee, I hope no one notices that I suck."

Fortunately, it is possible to come to terms with both one's inadequacies and adequacies without exagerating them.

Eric Sotnak
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