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Re: VOE: Active Resistance

Ross Robertson wrote: View Post
I'm pretty sure I've heard something like this before... (-;

The question is, does "kaeshi" in this sense mean "counter," or "reversal?"

When people practice counters, resistance is likely. When people do what is needed to allow energy to flow freely in the system, the energy naturally reverses at times. I would say, rather than doing a technique *against* a technique, you do a technique *with* a technique, and the energy may recirculate.

Absolutely - and it sounds like you have heard it before. It is all good stuff, as long as you and your partner know what it is you are aiming for, what it is you are doing, and how it all fits in with everything else. The enigma is that the ultimate purpose is to do stuff without fighting against uke - using his energy, but the problem is that training soflty is not the easiest way to approach it (though some do that, and so did I in a couple of schools for a long time). So, if you start to have uke offer some firm attacks or even resistance then you start to play and learn about how to deal with it etc. For me, I learn more this way and find it a lot more interesting. But the problem with resistance is that people start to wrestle, then, aiki is dead. Stop, start again, until you figure it out. And, it is best if you figure it out for yourself ... it is a slow process though. I am nowhere near where I would like to be, but that is what makes it so interesting and keeps me going at it.

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