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Bruce Baker
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Lightbulb Focus energy into ...

Although I try to keep abreast of Dragon Ball Z so I have something to talk about with my kids as to what is fantasy and what is fact or reality, sometimes my comments to those fantastic responses in threads comes to a very old thought ...

Who is your doctor?

I want to get some of those drugs you are on?

Just kidding ... 1960s humor from long ago.


There are a number of massage and healing people who are able to generate heat from their hands, and that heat can be generated between the hands in the form of a ball.

When I went to a seminar last year, and we worked on various forms of rooting, energy exchange in techniques because of positive and negative energy in men and women, we also tried to form projection of this energy into a ball.

NOT unlike the magic of Static electricity to stick a baloon on the ceiling, some people did get enough energy going to create a very warm feeling between their hands. What was very neat was .... the teacher, couple of students (including myself because of some experience with this in the 1970s) were able to take this energy out from between the hands so there was almost no warmth, then put it back?

Hypnotism? Maybe, but too many skeptics from different karate dojos were in the room for that.

How does this affect basic Aikido training or what you learn to advance in Aikido ?

Those of you who are beginning, it might be too much. Those of you who are trying to figure out where scientific truth begins and a cartoons steal truth to turn it into fantasy (so you can teach your children from knowledge) ... maybe it brings you just a little closer to finding that ki/chi is not a myth, a fantasy or a miracle but it has parameters within science and the construction of the human bodys abilitys all along?
(there does a line help those of you stuck in on single frame of mind?)

Anger? Some anger in reaction to question ... interesting response? What is the thought process behind that anger? Find out.

I thought this was an open forum for questions and postulation of answers?

Believe me when I say, I know all about false messiah's and the blind faith of followers ... I have rained on too many parades by following a different path and saying "I told you so .." to blind angry Transcendental Meditation, Hari Krishna, and other types organizations which fell apart after a few years?

So, when I bring something to your attention, it is not by something that magically happened last month or last year, but over a lifetime of searching and bits of evidence pointing to a particular solution?
KI/Chi ball?

Well, this is not something that happens without meditation, getting used to using your inner energy, or even with only studying the physical aspect of martial arts?

It comes with time, practice, and teacher or teachers who can give you pointers how to control projection and how to seal these points when you are done.

Believe it or not, it also relates to pressure points, even though you may never have the need to study or use this with your style of Aikido, there it is. Sealing the chi/ki points is almost the same as reviving pressure points ... never mind those of you with skeptical responses ... I was just trying to make you aware why you rub a strike or hit to your body to relieve the pain, even though it does a bit more than that.


In closing:

You know ... I have never seen another continent or been to other countries besides the USA, Canada, or some resort islands, but I know there are other people, and other countries with people that somehow travel to the New York/Philadelphia area? I have met too many of them, learned as much if not more about their countrys from them as in books, or history/learning channel specials?

Also, I know first hand from charlatans, because I have watched more than my share fall from popularity to obscurity over time?

The Chi/Ki ball is not a new idea. Although bringing to notice to some of you, it might be new? As Far AS THROWING IT ... get real!

You would have to be able to move object with your mind to create that kind of energy, and no one has yet to come forward with a hint to that claim?

So please respond if you have tried this, or seen it with someone else, or talked about it with you teachers.

Although we have our normal Aikido practice in class, I think this forum should go beyond that into areas of interest, question, and maybe it will enlighten some of the dull repetition of Aikido class with new insight? There is lot of depth to MA's?

Believe it or not, we are leaving the industrial age to enter the scientific age of humanity? How about using some of that science to get into these strange things of Martial arts to see if they are a magicians trick, or indeed, a scientific phenonmenon?

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